5 Blackberry Playbook Browsing Tips

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 2:54am by bbiphones

5  Blackberry Playbook Tips browsing the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog yesterday was again published some very helpful tips for daily use with the BlackBerry playbook. The ambitious BlackBerry User solutes the blog so keep an eye on, because here you will always find very useful tips for your BlackBerry device.

Net – zoom in and out with a double tab

If you again in the vastness of the Internet romp, the increase must often have a page of an article. This is achieved firstly by her “Pinch To Zoom” (two Thunder see move away from each other) or the more elegant solution, the so-called “Double Tab To Zoom.”. Who wants to see the whole page again, making the zoom action with another double tab to reverse?

Double tab for Adobe Flash content

Who likes the way I can spend hours on YouTube, which also help the Double Tab when viewing a video, simply run once said motion on the screen and you will be going to full screen the video player on. To download the video again to put it into windowed mode, you must once on the bezel from the top (wipe) swipe down.

Web link in a new tab

Who has a Article on a website not yet finished reading it, but would like to know what is hidden behind a redirect link, typed the link to not just short, his special finger for just a moment on this. It opens up a floating menu bar, offering you some options. Here you also find a button “Open link in new Tab”.

. org on the keyboard

If you enter a web address in the browser that is able to operate the. Com button to complete the address. Who can dwell for a moment, his finger on the button, it gets a further selection with the extensions. Org. Net. Edu,. Gov,. Approx. Biz. A. De ending is missing so far.

I use this feature, and I hardly believe that I type the file extension quickly.

Private Browsing

If you want an Internet session does not want his surfing traces are stored on the playbook, for which there is in the options menu of the browser in the “Privacy and Security”. Here you will find the switch “Private Browsing”. Once this is activated, the data from the history, cookies, cache, and the contents of local memory are deleted automatically when you complete the browser.

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