9 Tips When BlackBerry Slow

BlackBerry now no longer only used by professionals. Ranging from businessmen to schoolchildren already quite familiar with the handset made by Research In Motion (RIM) that.

Unfortunately, sometimes the user does not understand that the BlackBerry also has limitations in terms of memory. Social networking, email, BBM Group and the non-stop online are able to make the BlackBerry has become slow.

It is characterized by the frequent appear ‘at sign’ or ‘hourglass’ when we’re using the application on the BlackBerry. So how can we overcome the BlackBerry is slow? Here are 9 tips:

1. Install important application
Most of the application or theme will be enough to drain the ability of memory. Check back for any applications that we commonly use and delete the application or theme that we think is rarely used.

2. Limit the fuel group
Fuel Group is the largest contributor to ‘junk’ that makes the BlackBerry we become slow. Look for a group of fuel that is actually useful, our friends the others yet still be reached through personal BBM, email, Twitter or the other.

3. Close the chat in the finished fuel
if you feel that a conversation with someone important, you can keep the conversation in the media card by setting the fuel – Options – Find and select Save Chat History media card.

But lest, activities conversation was over long ago anyway you leave. Be wise use the fuel, which one do I close the chat activity every conversation is completed.

4. Remove unnecessary emails.
It’s also one of the contributors to slow, especially email with an attachment that is large enough. When you do delete it will usually appear On Mailbox & Handheld option (email on the BlackBerry and the Mailbox Server will be deleted) or On Handheld (just email on BlackBerry are deleted).

If you want to delete the email that it is still quite important, simply select On Handheld only. Original email will still be stored in the Mailbox (Yahoo, Google, or other email client).

5. Get used to do clear log by: hit alt + LG + LG -> BlackBerry Menu -> Clear Log

6. If you are Browsing, clear the memory cache on the browser.
How: BlackBerry Menu -> Browser -> Options -> Cache Operations -> clear history

7. Diligent to do the memory cleanup
How: BlackBerry Menu -> Options -> Security Options -> Memory Cleaning -> Change status to the ENABLE position -> BB Menu -> Clean Now.

8. Maximize the use of external memory. Storage of photos, songs, videos and more should be stored into external memory or media card.
How setting: BlackBerry Menu -> Options -> Memory -> Media Card Support Change status to be ON.

9. Tip of the most powerful when your BlackBerry is slow:
Soft Reset: Press the Alt key simultaneously – Caps / aA button (right side near the sym) – del button – complete (Special BlackBerry using the keyboard)

Hard Reset: Usually the term is also known to pull the battery. This measure is intended to ensure that no more energy / power is left. Leave for a maximum of 1 minute and then reinsert the battery.