Apple and Google No Longer Trusted Company for Security Concerning Privacy

Posted on Jun 20 2018 - 2:54pm by Michael george

Apple and Google now arguably the companies were negligent towards data security users, it is like the claims of the Ponemon Institute conducted a survey on the level of confidence in the security of personal data.


As reported by BGR, Tuesday (29/01/2013), in a survey last year Apple ranks 14th, while the previous year had been ranked in the 8th, as well as with Google which is ranked 19th having been tripped case pervasiveness of the ads in the browser wild American and European internet users.

Meanwhile, the decline in the level of confidence in the Apple one is triggered by the application of user data store or Apple’s iCloud hacked a few months ago. Things like that make the customer feel that their privacy on the company’s less secure.

Behind the incident claiming Apple will maintain and improve their security systems to ensure that customer privacy data intact. Yes, Apple or Google or other woods big companies is far from perfect, they can only do their best for the customer. At least, they are still ranked in the top 20.

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