Apple is reportedly going to pull Employees Texas Instruments for Apple Chip Development

Posted on Aug 13 2018 - 2:53pm by Michael george

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced that they will navigate the production of processors for tablets and smartphones. And, it seems to be used by Apple. How, Apple is rumored to be interesting several IT employees to develop a series of proprietary processors.


This step sounds reasonable. On the one hand, Apple will gain a lot from this step. They will be able to produce Apple’s A series processors with better quality than the existing ones.

On the other hand, the IT staff is certainly news is good news. Not rule out a reduction in production will also be followed by cutting the number of employees. Especially working in a company like Apple that is considered public as the best company in the world.

But until now there has been no official statement from the Apple-related rumors this one. However, this rumor could not be materialized. Since the last statement, TI clarified that they were not completely stop the production of his processor. They would continue their production plans OMAP 5.

IT has experienced a bad time. Processor products, OMAP ie, less able to compete well in the market. The processor is not able to beat the Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. Moreover, some mobile phone manufacturers began producing their own processors, such as Apple or Samsung.

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