Well, Apple has turned Registering Patents Wireless Charging in 2011

Posted on Aug 11 2018 - 2:54pm by Michael george

Lumia 920 and 820 may indeed be the world’s first mobile phone equipped with wireless charging technology. However, the same technology patent was already registered by Apple in 2011.


At the launch of iPhone 5 then, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller had revealed that wireless charging technology from Nokia is not too make it memorable. At the time, she assumed that Nokia’s technology will actually be quite a hassle.


Schiller statement in the event of any hint that Apple has set up a technology that is better than wireless charging Nokia. And, in the patent file named “Device Orientation Based Docking Functions” is, Apple could charge more than one device with a charging dock.


In addition, the device also has other functions in addition to charge wirelessly. Charger can know the position of your Apple device, whether the position is forward or reverse. For example, if the inverted position, the device is charging center. Meanwhile, if the normal position, the device is in-charge batteries at synchronization.

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