Apple Will Provide Self Service Operator

Apple is rumored to be a mobile service provider directly, without utilizing the services of other operators. The move by Apple since the company from Cupertino has grossed a huge advantage this year.


Actually, this plan has been around since the leadership of Steve Jobs. However, according to Bluestein, the plan failed to be realized due to lack of distribution channels, in addition to considering the amount paid by the operator reaches 381USD per iPhone sold.

Apple seems now very close to the old plan, for now, the iPhone manufacturer already has a lot of channels of distribution, portfolio for digital content, and also a huge consumer base.

For example, iTunes users are registered to nearly 250juta credit card indicate that Apple’s market share can not be underestimated. Apple is also said to be a pioneer in this regard, where Google is likely to follow Apple’s move in the near future.

If this can be realized, then the Apple products will be innocent of other carriers such as Verizon or AT & T and will switch to Apple’s own operator.