Want to be a DJ? Install Pacemaker in BlackBerry Playbook!

Like to combine music and turn it into techno music in the mix like as a club? If you usually have to mix music via the computer, now with the BlackBerry Playbook can be done.

This application is called Pacemaker. Pacemaker application was able to mix sync and scratch digital music on the BlackBerry Playbook. In addition you can also apply sound effects, loops, etc. to enrich the music in the mix. You can be experienced as a DJ. This application is interestingly. In addition if you intend to explore it is to become a DJ, Pacemaker can be a companion application to learn how to mix a good song.

For an application Pacemaker priced at $ 15. Those who want to download them please download the BlackBerry App World and search “Pacemaker”.