BlackBerry 10 New Arrival 15 thousand applications only Within 37 Hours Time

Mobile BlackBerry 10 will likely be welcomed by the interest in the market. At least, it is seen by the high enthusiasm of application developers who incorporate new applications to BlackBerry App World.


In an event called the Port-a-Thon hosted by BlackBerry, there are many developers who participated. This event is an event that is used by Research in Motion (RIM) is attracting the interest of developers. In fact, as a plus, RIM will provide a prize of 100 USD to developers who had submitted applications and of course approved by RIM.

And, thanks to its strategy, the application platform that supports the BlackBerry 10 OS also increased drastically. Even RIM claims to have contained as much as 15 thousand new applications in less than two days, exactly 37.5 hours.

In addition, this event gives RIM also another gift to the developer. Gifts are also varied, such as a free trip into the BlackBerry Jam Europe, mobile phone or BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry PlayBook Dev Alpha.