Blackberry illegitimate Threatens Safety?

Posted on Aug 17 2018 - 2:54pm by Michael george

At the beginning of mobile phones launched earlier, the story says stormy wave signals from cell phones can damage brain cells. That’s why after the birth as well as accessories such as handsfree bluetooth. Lastly, came the story about Blackberry illegal in Arab countries such as the UAE turbulence gadget is able to provide security threats. Fix it?

Blackberry illegitimate Threatens Safety?

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has declared Blackberry smartphones as a threat to national security on the ground is functioning outside the law and can be abused. Blackberry’s latest controversy is the second in the UAE after the largest mobile phone operator, Etisalat, encourage 145,000 smartphone users insert the software allows it checked out.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) UAE worry Blackberry can be abused because it is the only phone that delivers information to users automatically in the data center abroad. RIM user removes software that allows outsiders to check their Blackberry. TRA stressed that BlackBerry devices operate outside local law because it transmits the data to a foreign country to be dealt with foreign commercial organizations. AP

Country should want to implement or execute the law like this should be detailed questionnaire prior to allowing this Blacberry brought into their country. This is not, after purchased by many people they turn out Blacberry fact illegal in the country. Who is going to pay for damages to Blackberry users in the UAE? UAE government wanted to spare? Lots of money does not matter.

Fortunately, the government says this smart phone; the Blackberry is not a national security threat. This means that HP Blackberry not be banned use / sales in Malaysia. If the government illegally Blackberry, imagine how many minister and corporate figures in Malaysia use blackberry? What will happen in the stock Celcom?

Not enough with that, illegal arbitration BlackBerry Algeria, where security threats

Algiers – Algeria is reviewing the use of BlackBerry phones and would ban its use if possible threat to national security. “We are looking at this issue. If we find it to be a danger to the economy and security, we will stop it, “said El Khabar newspaper quoted Telecommunications Minister Moussa Benhamadi

Algeria appeared the latest country to show concern over the Blackberry features limelight early this week, particularly among the Gulf States. In the United States wants to hold technical discussions with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in relation to the consideration to ban Blackberry Messenger component.

What reason is easy to understand the issue of Blackberry started banned in some countries?

Their government is constantly monitoring people whatever their visit.
If there is wrong with the website to cast any doubt, they will block the government.
If all other applicable local phone provider but not to Blackberry in which they have their own server.
So how is the government going to impact them?
If there was a secret in the server, they may not want to hack / sloppy
Greater fear their government when communication between suicide bombers, for example?
This is one reason the security which they would like to take illegal decision Blackkberry

P / S: It seems that Blackberry has sparked a phenomenon. Blackberry phenomenon so as to threaten the world.

PP / S: But if the thought of, which is more important to national security or your Blackberry. Gaze-ponder.

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