BlackBerry Will Stop The marketing in South Korea the First Half Year of 2013?

It has been a pretty shocking news spread of South Korean smartphone market recently. Because according to the news coverage there, the BlackBerry he would immediately stop all marketing ginseng products in the country on the eve of the first half of 2013.


I do not know what causes the BlackBerry to do so. But related matter, a few weeks ago was also rumored BlackBerry has announced plans to release a BlackBerry 10 will not be in the Japanese market today.

So what is wrong with BlackBerry in South Korea? Yes, I know, but one reason may be because it is associated with less BlackBerry sales in the South Korean market is said is not quite impressive lately compared to the existence of Samsung, Apple or even LG obviously has dominated the South Korean market today. This condition is said to greatly vary inversely with BlackBerry sales in other countries.

BlackBerry itself has released a statement regarding its commitment to continue to partner with SK Telecom in South Korea market. While BlackBerry is still providing support for BlackBerry devices at this time, but unfortunately there is no news about the existence of BlackBerry 10 so far.