Boss of Google’s design Want to Create a ‘BlackBerry’ Android

If there is a chance, the boss of Google’s design division Matias Duarte said he would be happy to work with BlackBerry Research In Motion (RIM), making the Android-based smartphone qwerty.

“I am still a loyal fan device with a physical keyboard,” said Duarte, who also handles user-experience in Google’s Android, as quoted by ABC News, Saturday (30/06/2012).

“Many of the products I work on first, such as a keyboard. I think there is still a place for them. It’s a matter of choice and different types of devices. Personally, I would feel happy to have a portrait orientation devices, as well as we have ever made in the Palm , “he explained.

Previously, Duarte was never headed in the design software division worked on the Palm and the Palm Pre handset, which has a physical keyboard and touchscreen as well.

According to a report quoted by ABC News, Duarte are happy to work with RIM if the Canadian company interested in working on Android devices.

“I would welcome it. Handset maker RIM is obviously a physical keyboard is amazing,” she says.