In Brazil, Apple likely will not Eligible to Use the iPhone Name

Apple is a big name draws many people to take advantage of the company. And this time it came from a company in Brazil called Gradiente Electronica SA. They claim that the name of the iPhone is one of the patents they have. Therefore, Apple is not entitled to use the iPhone label that wanted to market their products in the Brazilian market.


In a statement, Gradiente say that they have a long list the name of the iPhone to the governing party patents and intellectual property in Brazil. More precisely, they have registered the name in 2000, seven years before the launch of the iPhone by the late Steve Jobs. And, in December, has launched Gradiente labeled IPHONE smartphone is priced at 302 USD.

Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property on duty to deal with this problem also have set a time in the resolution of the dispute. On 13 February, both parties according to the plan will be mutually irreconcilable.

Such a case is not the first faced by Apple. Previously, there were similar cases that occurred in mainland China, where a company called Proview claims as the party entitled to use the name iPad.