Bullying HTC in Taiwan, Samsung Get Sanctions

Samsung is quite naughty when doing an ad for his product. Not infrequently, they were making fun of the product from its competitors. They even dare to make fun of HTC at home alone, precisely in Taiwan.


Quoted from Phonearena, due to such delinquency, Samsung had to obtain sanction from the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) Taiwan. The sanction was given to Samsung because they have a negative campaign against HTC. At the same time, Samsung bragged about his product.

As a result of such mischief, Samsung also have to be willing to pay a penalty of 340 thousand USD. Not only Samsung, two local companies involved in the smear campaign must also be willing to get sanction from the FTC.

Sanctions by the FTC to Samsung Taiwan are not the first time. Previously, Samsung has also obtained similar sanctions because they spread false advertising related to the camera on the Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102.