Careful, It’s Very Dangerous Place For iPhone and iPad Users

Surely you’ve seen a child who may be aged under 5 years old were playing a game on the iPad. Certainly a game that you think are normal would be awesome if it was in their hands. But many people are concerned with the style of play of these children.

This is evident from internal damage claims data for the iPhone and iPad are collected SquareTrade found that Mississippi and South Carolina appear to have high levels of abuse of the Apple device. The two regions in America got into the top five areas with damage claims for the iPhone and iPads highest.

Mississippi won the title of the most dangerous for iPhones and South Carolina took the title as the most dangerous countries for iPads. The next place is New Mexico which reportedly iPad used as footwear.

SquareTrade says that the water drops and spills of the most frequent cause of damage. Collectively, the top five most dangerous countries for the iPhone is Rhode Island, North Dakota, and South Carolina.

The highest level of terror iPad can be found in South Carolina, followed by Mississippi, Nebraska, Washington, DC, and possibly, Alaska. Maybe in Alaska they use the iPad for sledding in the snow!