How to Create and Change Apple ID on the iPhone App Store

itun When you buy a second iPhone or iPad, one thing to note is the Apple ID used in the iPhone. Do not get because of the iPhone Apple ID, and then you can not download or update apps and games on the iPhone App Store.

After buying a second iPhone, you should immediately replace the App Store account or Apple ID on the iPhone, the goal is very simple for you to download free games or apps in the App Store without having to depend on the old Apple ID.

How do I change the App Store account and then we immediately create a new account from the App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad second we buy? Here’s a short step how to replace the Apple App Store account on iPhone.

First go to the menu Settings – Store and then touch on the Apple ID and do Sign Out.

Once we Sign Out from the old iTunes account then go back to the menu Settings – Store and now touch on the Sign In and select Create New Apple ID to replace the App Store account with your own.

Follow the steps that are required to start making Apple ID right from your iPhone.