Cygnett Enigma Case for iPad Mini

Posted on Jun 2 2018 - 2:53pm by bbiphones

Cygnett Enigma Case for iPad Mini

The iPad Mini has been around for a while now and as popular as other Apple’s devices, the market now houses tons of third-party accessories and cases specifically created for it. Some of these cases are pretty basic as they only offer protection against nasty dirt and dust along with some mild drops. Some others on the other hand are made with some design elements that can add some more functionality. If you’re looking for the latter, you might want to check out the Cygnett Enigma Case for iPad Mini.

First thing first, you have to keep in mind that it’s not anything like fancy smart cases out there. It can’t charge the battery, it can’t help you deal with on-screen controllers when playing game, nor it can turn your device on and off as you open and close it. However, it does help you place your iPad Mini on multiple stands which should be handy when you feel like watching a movie with your buddies.

As far as ergonomic value is concerned, the Cygnett Enigma Case can be put easily on your iPad Mini. It’s made of material that is soft to the touch and finished in matte, instead of gloss. This should help keep your iPad Mini clean from any dust and fingerprints. Better yet, the inner side of the front cover is donned with microfiber, so you don’t need to bother constantly wiping any smudges off.

For $39.99, we think the Cygnett Enigma Case for iPad Mini is pretty worth it. Sure, you can add some more few bucks to get a smart case but again if you can get nearly the same protection from an inexpensive case, why would you pay higher?

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