There is Defect In iPhone 5 camera?

iPhone 5 still get the problem this time there were reports that his camera pose purple flares. First discovered in the Anandtech forums, problems occur when the iPhone 5 camera directly facing the light, be it the sun or lights.


You can see in the photo above purple light appears on the camera of the iPhone 5. This problem is likely a problem of the sensitivity of the sensor to light purple / violet light is refracted too much. Disability can not be fixed with software, Leica ever experienced something and they give IR filters for all Leica camera buyers who have defects. Unfortunately if it is done for the iPhone 5 can not.

If it’s not a problem of the firmware / software of the iPhone 5 likes the Leica. Then this is a bad thing for Apple, and they must immediately fix these defects. We do not know what happened to all the iPhone 5 or not, that Apple should be clearly discriminate actions.