Features BBM 6.0 and BlackBerry Social Platform

Mobile World Congress, a team member RIM BBM gave a brief overview of what users and developers in the next BBM 6.0, which is imbued with the platform of online tools BBM expected. The moderator also gave some interesting statistics on the BBM consumption:

35M + users since January 2011
60% of the total number of subscribers adopting
1.5 million new users per month-2M
130% on the year
300% increase in traffic for the winning goal in World Cup lala

The new BBM was not much in the way of user interface changes, but it is the social platform APIs and SDKs, which will really enhance the experience. Apart from these tools, users can send to multiple types of files together, and large files in general. Ultimately, the developer community will take these tools and BBM much of its applications. As RIM says it is a viral element to the benefits of BBM could take off and implementation of sales take. From a user perspective, a “virus” is often synonymous with “boring”, so hopefully this will only improve the BBM.