Google Launches WiFi Passport Service in Jakarta, Offer Cheap Internet Access for Android Smartphones

Posted on Oct 29 2017 - 2:54pm by bbiphones

World technology giant, Google has just launched a new service in the country, precisely in Jakarta. The service is access to WiFi hotspots that can be used at low prices called WiFi Passport.


On the official website, Google says that the service is promising Passport WiFI Internet access that is faster than a 3G connection. These services did not require a complicated registration or having to keep entering the password.

By using this service, consumers can use up to 3GB of data services in a day, for seven days 7GB or 10GB for 30 days. Google parties are now providing free voucher code that can be used for first 10 days as promotional measures.

In addition, customers can also use this service for a price of 20 thousand dollars to 20 thousand dollars a day or 5 to 50 days. Passport vocer Google’s WiFi service can be purchased in Indomog. In addition, users also need to download a special application on Google Play WiFi Passport. This application can be used for devices that use the Android Froyo version 2.2 or above. For more information about Google hotspot position, can be seen on the official website.

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