Google:Patents in iPhone should as Standards Industry

A number of features that are patented in gadgets like the iPhone, has been so popular that it should be considered as the industry standard is a de facto smartphone.

Google disclosed this opinion, through a spokesman Kent Walker in a letter addressed to Senate Judiciary Committee United States (U.S.). Google itself is currently involved in a number of patent cases, including those with Apple’s iPhone.

“While the Standards Setting Organizations (SSO) is a collaborative play an important role in the overall management system standards and are very prominent in industries such as telecommunications, they are not the only source of standards,” wrote Walker.

He added, as reported by TechRadar on Monday (7/23/2012), de facto or proprietary standards have an important effect on consumer welfare. Thus, the Committee must consider this issue.

Meanwhile, Apple does not agree with Google. Of course, these steps will hinder the fight against the patent on Google’s Android OS.

Apple spokesman Bruce Sewell argues, if the proprietary technology became so popular, not that easy to just turn it into a standard.

Sewell also stressed the effort and cost spent on Apple to create a proprietary technology in the iPhone. According to him, there’s nothing they can do if they were used as standards.

“The capabilities of the iPhone in a category different from conventional phones. And this is the result of Apple’s ability to bring innovation in the mobile computing market,” he said.