Here’s The Video BlackBerry Z10

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 2:53am by Michael george

Nearly a month after the BlackBerry Z10 was introduced to the public, the public enthusiasm to BlackBerry 10 looks are still very high. When you ask your friends as many as 10 people, so about 50% of them are predicted to very want smartphone from RIM that he has now changed its name to the BlackBerry.


Enthusiasm is seemingly quite natural, since many advanced features have been attributed to the famous smartphone with its BBM facility this. One of the most prominent features is the ‘Photo Timeshift’. The usefulness of the feature is to record a few seconds before you shoot, so you can adjust the facial expressions right before the moment the image is lost.

More great again, BlackBerry Z10 camera has a resolution of full HD 1080p video recording. Video produced naturally crystal clear, more comfortable to be watched by everyone and distributed via BBM. In addition, you can also edit it directly through Story Maker applications like iMovie on Apple devices.

Here is a sample video taken by Slashgear via BlackBerry Z10.

[video_skin style=”1″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”EfDSqVOzkT0″ controls=”yes” width=”470″ height=”295″]

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