How to Make Sure Important Data on a Mobile Device is Backed Up

With the popularity of mobile devices at an all-time high, it is no surprise that many people rely on them for crucial tasks – and store a lot of important data and information on them. That in itself isn’t a problem, but if you are storing important data on your mobile device you should make sure it is properly backed up so that you aren’t left high and dry if the mobile device is damaged.

  1. Identify what data you want to back up

While you may feel that backing up everything is the ‘safe’ way to go about it, the truth is that the more data you want to back up the more time-consuming it will be to back up and restore it. As such it is best to identify the data that is truly important and then back it up.

  1. Decide how you want to store the back up

Nowadays there are many ways to back up your data and you could opt to save it on your computer’s hard drive, transfer it to a USB drive or external hard drive, save it on the cloud, and so on. Ideally having a backup in more than one location is best – and if you’re using a particular software or app to help back up your data you may want to choose accordingly.

  1. Restore from the last backup periodically

Most people tend to only ever restore data from a backup when something goes wrong. Unfortunately this means that they have no way of knowing whether the backup itself is working properly, and may be in for a nasty surprise. By periodically restoring from the last backup, you can check and make sure that the data you need is all there and in good working order.

Essentially those are the main steps that you need to perform, though it is important to note that exactly how you do so may differ depending on the platform that you’re using. For iOS devices the inbuilt iCloud backup should help you to perform everything that you need to, whereas for Android devices you may want to back up your contacts and settings by syncing it with your Google account and then store other important files on the cloud or a hard drive.

If for whatever reason you find that your backup that was on a hard drive has been lost, you can use hard drive recovery techniques to retrieve it. That being said if you backed up your data in more than one location you may not need to resort to that, and can simply use the secondary backup instead.