iPad review

Abstract: I’m not a fanboy of Apple, I just an iPhone – and I think the Apple notebook costing an exaggeration for my pocket – but for a few days (since May 27, with 24 hours in advance of the official launch) are also I have an iPad (the model that costs less, by the way).

Here are my impressions on five things that revolve around the iPad:


Beautiful as “native”, much less than the iPhone. It ‘s true, the iPhone by the app can also be used in iPad, but become ridiculous: the application is of size (visual) tiny (just as the iPhone screen), and if you click on the “2x” ( to enlarge to full screen) becomes grainy and pixelated.

And if you bought an iPhone and the developer makes a version of the same native iPad, in theory, you should buy one too …


I do not like the idea that a child is sitting on a desk in front of the PC. It makes me sad.

I rather like the idea that a child approaches the world of technology in a playful manner, “sofa”. And this is (probably) the main reason why I took the iPad: I have three young daughters, who spend a bit ‘too much time with the Nintendo DS, and I thought it was time to move on to something more “educational” and less “fun”, something that was not (only) a game.

With an advantage: if you give a child a netbook after 1 hour has messed up the operating system (and touches format …). However, if the messes iPad (what, however, rather difficult to do) the attacks and go to iTunes to “restore” πŸ™‚

Internet Connectivity

A tip: if you use the mobile iPad, or bought a robo MiFi like Huawei E5830 (which would be a sort of big 3G WiFi router, more or less like a credit card: you find it on ebay – unlocked – around 100 €).

In this way, you DO NOT need to buy a model Wi-Fi + 3G dell’iPad (the most expensive), and you can also connect to the Internet with multiple devices (up to 5) at the same time: in practice, with one “SIM data “You can connect an iPhone, iPad a netbook and creating a small” mobile Internet bubble “that always follows your movements. Also there is the field, of course.


That will be used for years to read for hours on a PC monitor, but I will not tire the iPad to invalidate the view. It will not be an ebook reader with e-ink technology, but the reading is comfortable, I would say “relaxed” if I had a blank page too “bright” for your eyes you can (obviously) adjust contrast and brightness, increase the font size , or even change the background color (perhaps from white Biege).

If we want to talk about a problem, I would mention however that the lack of content: the store does not officially exist to date books in Italian (but there are a bunch in English, many of them also free): Luckily I subscribed to a list of ebooks Italians in epub format – where I get constant updates via Dropbox – otherwise I would have had to settle for book pre-loaded by default (“Winnie The Pooh” in the original language :-)).

Work & Productivity

No, not a giant iPhone πŸ™‚ The iPad is much more similar to a netbook … but with 2 major flaws:

β€’ you can not use on a table (unless you buy support, and keyboard and mouse “real”) and ends up being very little sofa and desk
β€’ can not do multitasking (at least until they released version 4 of the operating system), then – for example – you can not use the browser, email client, skype and office applications in parallel

Result? the switch with a laptop is almost impossible, or at least postponed indefinitely.


The iPad not replace anything that’s already there.

It is an ebook reader, not a video game, not a tablet, not a notebook / netbook.

But it is a bit ‘all of these things, fitting into a niche where the use is “home-playful-relaxed.” Niche where no other has not joined yet, and even where competitors can run screaming πŸ™‚