LG Odin Processor Rumored will present the two versions, Quad Core and Core Octa

News of the development of a SoC processor developed by LG has emerged since last February. And now, rumors about the development of these processors are increasingly strengthened. In fact, according to news reports from GSM Arena Btekno, they not only provide Odin octa-core processor, but also a quad core.


Odin quad core processors will be equipped with an ARM Mali-T604 GPU. Meanwhile, for the octa-core processor LG Odin will be equipped with an ARM Mali-T760 GPU. Both of these processors also promises the speed of each core up to 2.2GHz. Given this processor, the LG was seemingly trying to compete with Samsung that have Exynos.

Odin quad-core processor will be directed to the Smart TV. Meanwhile, for the octa-core processor, will be more focused on a variety of mobile devices. To produce these two processors in bulk, the LG will cooperate with TMSC.