Loop Attachment Mummy case for iPhone 5

I’ve been using the Loop Attachment Mummy case for iPhone 5 for a couple of months now and while it isn’t as shiny or bejeweled as some of my previous case picks, it’s amazingly protective and comes in very handy.


The Mummy case is made of silicone and that, combined with its unique design, let it stretch to hold anything from credit, debit, or ID cards, to cash, to a mini stylus. That does make it a little loosy-goosey around the edges, and that might bother some people, but I like that it’s easy to take on and off.

Although it’s protected my iPhone 5 from numerous bumps and drops, the Mummy case has worn slightly around the edges. Those edges also do project up over the screen slightly, but not enough to hinder swiping through apps and games.

It wasn’t a case I expected to like, but the Mummy Case from Loop Attachment has lasted longer on my iPhone 5 than any other. If you want something light and fun, but still functional and useful, check it out!

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