Nokia Investors Approve Acquisition 7.2 Billion USD by Microsoft

Posted on Jan 17 2020 - 2:53am by bbiphones

Coming to the turn of the year, the acquisition of mobile devices and services division Nokia began entering the final stages. And now, the shareholders in the Finnish company had already given the green light related to the acquisition process involving the funding of the USD 7.2 billion.


The decision was taken in a voting process involving shareholders in Nokia. The result, as many as 99.7 percent of investors are present in the voting process approved the acquisitions made by Microsoft. The number also represents four fifths of the total shareholder Nokia.

Despite having obtained the approval of the shareholders, the acquisition process is still not finished. Microsoft party must also obtain approval from the regulator. Some time ago, Microsoft also has filed for approval of the acquisition of the European Union regulators. And now awaiting the results of that process.

This process also involves the acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone patents and HERE are non – exclusive by Microsoft for 10 years. Nokia any party can actually get back into the smartphone market. However this can only be done by 2016.

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