North Korea Android tablet, apparently Samjiyon Use Pirated Game Angry Birds

Still remember the first Android tablet in North Korea by name Samjiyon? The tablet comes with several features, one of which is the game Angry Birds. But you know if it’s in the tablet game Angry Birds is a pirated version?


This was confirmed directly by the game developer Rovio as Angry Birds. The Washington Post and quoted from BGR, Rovio said that the tablet was launched Samjiyon comes preloaded with Angry Birds game pirated.

Additionally, this tablet also apparently managed to obtain a high enough concern in North Korea, especially from the tourists. Some traveler who visited Pyongyang took the time to buy this tablet with a price tag of less than 200 USD. But the price is actually much more expensive than when the tablet is on sale for North Korean officials could obtain a price of around 100 USD.