Notifications Display The BlackBerry 10 Cool with Motion Angle

Notification is an important feature on a smartphone because they will continue to tell us about the various updates such as messaging, email and applications. But the technicians play an important role how notifications are designed. It could be a very informative feature or even a nuisance (such as popup alerts in iOS 5).

Through our N4BB managed to obtain a few slides that detail the notification system that will arrive on the Blackberry device 10. This feature is named Cinnamon Toast and French Toast, with its ability to display notifications through a lock screen, as well as further information are displayed depending on the angle the phone is held. French Toast on the other hand has been described as a means to restore items accidentally deleted.


Looks like RIM has put a lot of designs on the Blackberry 10 though is unfortunate we are just going to see in 2013. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the popularity of the BlackBerry still has not shifted as in other countries in America and Europe.