ERP software as an integrated system is very helpful for you to delete the need of separate applications. At TGI, you can get kinds of software solutions related to both small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. There are distribution software, process manufacturing software, cheese and dairy software, life sciences software, plumbing products software, financial management, ERP software selection process, discrete manufacturing software, financial management, inventory management, procurement, order management, and warehouse management. As an industry-leading provider of manufacturing software and distribution software solutions, TGI will always present the best and reliable services for you.

The TGI services include not only project management but also business and application consulting, training, data migration, maintenance and support, managed infrastructure, and software as a service. If you want to get a successful implementation and on-going use of Enterprise 21, you can get business and application consulting service. In this service, you will be helped in improving as well as optimizing both operational efficiencies and business processes. The TGI resources will give you software solutions with ease. By that, you can focus on the core process of your business properly. Migrating your data into Enterprise 21 will not be troublesome anymore. You are free to modify the mapping files. Through the TGI site, you can request an online demo by filling the form available and within one business day, you will get response at instant. When you are discovering TGI and Enterprise 21, you will know the TGI difference, Enterprise 21, Product Demonstrations, Customer Case Studies, and Software Selection.