Qualcomm Introduce Snapdragon Processor 805 with Improved Graphics up to 40 Percent

Posted on Dec 7 2017 - 2:53am by bbiphones

Snapdragon processor 800 quad-core Qualcomm is currently one of the fastest on the market. This is Proven with many high end smartphones use these processors. But this does not make Qualcomm complacent.


They also recently introduced Snapdragon processor 805. This processor is claimed to offer improved graphics performance by 40 percent, supports 4K ultra HD video as well as the CPU is also faster.

Snapdragon processor 805 is a chip-based Qualcomm’s first Krait architecture 450 with Adreno 420 graphics. This has a quad core processor speeds up to 2.5GHz and have bandwidths that support memory speeds of up to 25.6GB per second.

Other features, it supports WiFi 802.11.ac processor, 4G LTE, as well as image processing technology. It also helps smartphone to produce better image quality, including motion shots and shooting in dim conditions. The processor is expected to be present in the tablet and the first smartphone in mid 2014.

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