RIM has Preparing 70,000 Applications for BlackBerry 10

It seems that RIM BlackBerry is really serious about regaining past glory BlackBerry 10 variants. To support the handset is touted as RIM’s best innovations of all time; as many as 70 thousand applications have been prepared.


In an interview quoted by Ubergizmo, Monday (12/17/2012), Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer of RIM, said the company was heavily linked campaign launch BlackBerry 10, which will be held January 30, 2013 later. He even involves various elements of celebrities who act as influencers to share the handset is on the social networking site.

For instance, musician and record producer Russell Simmons who sent tweet “They are Back!”, After attending a private tour of the BlackBerry 10. In fact, his brother, who is the frontman Rev Run Run DMC send a tweet complaining to the iPhone via a tweet with the has tag # missMyBlackBerry.

Boulben also said that the public should be educated about the capabilities of the fundamental aspects of the BlackBerry smartphone functions, such as browsing the Internet which is supported by a browser that is not inferior to iOS and Android devices.

On the application side, Boulben claim, BlackBerry 10 already has 70 thousand applications will be available at the time of its release later, including applications for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. He also hopes eventually have 200-400 applications available for each region. Will BlackBerry can regain its former glory?