Smartphone LG G Flex with Curved Screen Officially Introduced use Snapdragon 800 processor and Coating Tech Self Healing

Smartphone with curved screens from LG, the G Flex is now finally officially introduced to the public. This smartphone was launched by LG to compete with its neighbor’s product, Galaxy Round. However, both these smartphones have curved different designs.

G Flex curved screen design, says LG, designed to improve comfort in the use of smartphones. The curved design makes it easy as making a call, because this smartphone design adapted to face arch. By doing so, this smartphone can offer better sound quality.

G Flex curved design provides increased sound levels by 3dB compared to conventional smartphones. Moreover curved design also makes it easy to hold in hand. Furthermore, in landscape mode G Flex offers an IMAX -style experience.

The smartphone also comes with several other new technologies. Among these are the coatings ‘ Self Healing ‘ at the back covers of smartphones. This technology also makes it possible to heal itself from minor scratches are common.

In terms of specifications, this smartphone has a screen size of 6 -inch HD (1280 x 720) using P – OLED technology Curved. In it embedded quad -core Snapdragon processor with a speed of 2.26GHz 800 is supported by 2GB of RAM. There is also a 13MP camera on the back and a 2.1MP front camera. Besides this smartphone also offers embedded battery capacity of 3500 mAh.

This smartphone will go on sale in South Korea in November in three leading local phone provider. There has been no announcement about the price of the G Flex. Parties LG also promises it will provide a smartphone for the international market.