[Tips Tricks] How To Easily Turn off notifications on BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Hub

The presence features BlackBerry Hub in any BlackBerry 10 device (BB10) should be recognized as one of the values ​​over this latest generation of smartphones. By using these features, your communications with coworkers, friends, or family would greatly facilitate, because the Hub features have brought together all communication media in one place.


[Tips Tricks] How To Easily Turn off notifications on BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Hub

But for some people, the presence of the notification showing the number of messages, SMS, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Twitter, or Facebook, sometimes quite disturbing. Sometimes we do not even want to know how many messages that we have not read, because we do not want to be burdened by the obligation to reply to these messages.

Lucky, BlackBerry Hub is a feature that we can adjust as needed. That is, we can turn off the notification number of messages that have not we read of all communications media in the Hub.

Go into the BlackBerry Hub. How: create a movement that followed swept upward movement to the right on the screen.

Touch the symbol three dots at the bottom right, then choose ‘Setting’ menu.

After that, choose menu ‘Display and Actions’.

Look for the option ‘Display Message Count’ and change it to the off position.

If you’ve done the steps above, now your BlackBerry Hub will not show the notification number of unread messages by you. But if you suddenly feel less comfortable, because you actually want to know how much the number of unread messages, then you can just repeat the steps with ease.