Top Photography Apps for BlackBerry on 2012

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 2:55pm by bbiphones

Being a photographer does not have to use sophisticated equipment is expensive camera, through your BlackBerry phone can be. By utilizing our creativity and image processing applications plus will make you photo more beautiful and wonderful. So this is a photography application that must exist on your BlackBerry:

Camera Plus

Application of a camera that can capture, view, and email photos to 25 photos or up to 5MB. For those of you who like to shoot up and then emailing the photo to friends this is the right application. Camera Plus also lets you view and delete photos from the album, and then email it to the album to a friend.

Simple Depth Of Field Calculator

In the world we often hear the word Photography Depth Of Field (DOF) is the distance between objects near and far and in which the focus falls on a particular object. This application helps you to calculate the DOF through your BlackBerry. You can measure the Depth Of Field, Depth of Field Near, Far Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance. And supports all camera formats. This application is not on the show for a beginner photographer, but this is good for you who want to move from amateur to professional photographers.


FlickrShow formerly known as Screen Changer, this is a fun application. Why? because this application can change the wallpaper on your BlackBerry with the photos that circulated to the public on Flickr, without having to log in with your flickr account this application will bring up the pictures by category images you’ve chosen. This application is available for free on App World BlackBerry.

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