How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? [Poll]

Posted on Sep 10 2018 - 2:54pm by Michael george

Last night we asked you how you hold the iPhone when typing, and tonight we continue our series of typing by asking you about your orientation – portrait or landscape?


Apple says they designed the iPhone with one hand ease of use in mind, and maybe that’s why it took them until iOS 3 to create a persistent landscape mode in most

built-in applications. But for many people, an extra-wide, Cadillac-style typing experience of the landscape is exactly what they want, the number of hands needed to hold and use cursed.

For others, it may depend on the application. Images anywhere or goods quickly, the landscape for the speed-texting or over-writing.

If you want to get your type, which orientation you hold your iPhone? Portrait or landscape? Vote in the poll at the top and give us the details and why you do what you did in the comments!

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