UberSocial gets updated for legacy BlackBerry smartphones

The word on the street is that the Twitter app UberSocial has received quite a nice update for you guys and gals that haven’t made the transition over to BlackBerry 10 as yet. As you will see from the list below – a large majority of the update is bug fixes but there are also some changes that will suit many users.


On a personal note I’ve never been a huge fan of UberSocial (I was more T4BB guy) but i know the application is hugely popular, so if you are rocking a legacy BlackBerry head on over to App World and pick up the update. Fingers crossed we may see UberSocial on BlackBerry 10 one day.

  • Fixed bug where your own tweets weren’t highlighted in a different color
  • Fixed bug where under certain circumstances you couldn’t load older tweets
  • Fixed bug where it wouldn’t retrieve the list of users that retweeted one of your tweets.
  • Removed Lockerz photo service, defaulting to Twitters
  • Changed the default number of tweets to retrieve  in your timeline to 100
  • Fixed bug where devices where devices where the time or timezone weren’t set correctly couldn’t connect to Twitter
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t delete a direct message
  • Changed search timeline to the max of 100 tweets each request
  • Fixed bug where list timelines could not load older tweets.
  • Fixed bug in Facebook feed where date/time might overlap in some situations.