Update Facebook for BlackBerry has been available

RIM released the latest update to the Facebook on BlackBerry Beta Zone. Facebook for BlackBerry version is now available.

Users can now access the Event of their Facebook application for BlackBerry smartphone! This feature gives you the ability to view event details, see the list of events that you have created or been invited, as well as guests of the event list view.

– The ability to see details of an event (only basic information: time, place, description)
– Ability to see the list of events that a user has created or been invited to be chronological (item not clickable)
– Ability to see the guest list is filtered to the event with RSVP (Go / No Present / Maybe / Not Responding / All Invited)
– The ability to see events that are shown as soon as possible
– Notice of the screen to open the event new event
– Ability to change the status of an event RSVP

Popular feature requests from the community of BlackBerry Beta Zone is now available in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.2. The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry gives you the ability to see all your friend’s birthday on Facebook directly from the application. Users now also have the additional ability to integrate into the Facebook birthday calendar on your BlackBerry smartphone!

– The ability to connect all of your friends birthday on Facebook into your BlackBerry Calendar
– Repeat the previous year is integrated in the calendar is deleted when the re-integration settings changed
– Ability to pick up a friend’s birthday on the calendar
– Ability to see a friend’s birthday in chronological order from the current date
– Ability to see a friend’s birthday is grouped by the date header
– Previously-linked contact’s birthday is a pre-selected