Workahol, Reliable Application Document on BlackBerry 10

Posted on Oct 25 2018 - 2:53am by bbiphones

Smartphone in the current era has had a pretty crucial function as companion everyday activities. Although touted could not replace the role of the notebook, but a smartphone seems to have become a tool that can be reliable to help us record many important matters relating to employment. But, what applications actually have a function to create a document?

When a BlackBerry 10 device user, then you can try an app called Workahol. This application offers a variety of amenities to make an important document. Even to simplify, Workahol already making the categories will separate the types of documents that will you do. Category is, ‘Note’, ‘List’, and ‘Expense’.

User interface of this application will also make our eyes look tired linger BlackBerry 10 smartphone screen. By using dark colors in the background and join the colors are quite vibrant in the tabs, Workahol truly offers its users an app that anti clutter-free. Simplicity also been given when you are creating a document. user only need to choose one of the three categories mentioned you tried, and then choose the menu ‘Create’ to start writing.

Workahol own applications developed by an ex-developer of the BlackBerry that uses the alias name BerryGlowDesigns. But now, the architects prefer to concentrate for developing applications on the BlackBerry platform 10 which requires it to use its original name, that Filipovice Dragos.

When you are interested to use this application, you can simply get it in BlackBerry World with big ransom £ 0.75 (about $ 0.99).

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