11 September, New Generation Apple iPhone Release in China

After sending out invitations to the media in America for the new iPhone product launch on the 10th September, as reported by 9to5Mac that today (04.09.13) Apple has sent invitations to the media similar to China’s iPhone event in China on September 11.


Invitations Apple event in China similar like in the United States only using Chinese writing. This event is the first Apple product launch held in China, has previously circulated rumors that Apple will be cooperating with China Mobile to sell new products in China.

China Mobile alone is the largest telecom operator in the world with over 700 million users across China. With the number of users is so fantastic, China Mobile became great hope Apple will boost sales for the new iPhone, especially the iPhone 5C.

Until now there is no certainty about the latest iPhone specifications iPhone 5S especially, but the fingerprint reader features and gold colors will certainly exist. While the iPhone 5C which is released first budget iPhone Apple is rumored there is price range of $ 300-500.

As with the launch of the iPhone 5, which also launched in September of last year, means the iPhone 5S and 5C also likely to be present in Indonesia in early December.