128GB iPhones Rumors Flooding the Net

128GB iPhones

The idea of an iPhone with impressively huge built-in storage of 128GB is certainly appealing. That’s why, every time Apple is reported to be going to unveil a new device, people are always crazy with the aforementioned idea. Currently, the rumor about 128GB iPhones is getting louder again, only this time it’s not aroused by a new device. Instead, it’s due to the system update which is the iOS 6.1 beta 5.

Based on some sources, the latest iOS update has 128GB system partition key as noted in BuildManifest. Another indication that encourages people to speculate about the existence of 128GB iPhones is history. If you follow Apple’s strategy right from the start when the company was introducing first-gen iPhone up to the impressive iPhone 5, you may be aware that Apple tends to expand the storage of its devices by twice every two year.

The original iPhone came with a humble storage of 8GB which was then followed by the 16GB model about half a year later. The same capacity was retained when Apple unveiled iPhone 3G but it was doubled to 32GB on the launch day of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. As iPhone 4S launched, users given with built-in storage of 64GB which remains the same until the iPhone 5. Now that it’s about time until Apple introduce the iPhone 5S, we think it’s safe to be a little optimistic about the 128GB iPhones.

Nevertheless, the final decision will be up to Apple. There is a lot more to consider for the company to expand its devices’ storage other than following past trend. One of the most obvious things is the prices of the necessary components. If they were too expensive, then you could forget about the 128GB iPhones.