Can 1440mAh Battery Capability to Supports LTE iPhone 5?

Speculation about the iPhone battery is 5 begin to appear with details of up to 1440 mAh capacity. Although great power will make it will be slightly larger than the previous iPhone model that is only 1430 mAh on the iPhone and the iPhone 4 4S 1420 mAh, but the actual dimension appears to be thinner.

The new iPhone 5 was expected to include a battery with a shelf life longer, thus making the iPhone 5 in order to prepare more space dimension higher battery can be entered. Reportedly iPhone 5 will also support LTE connectivity; it is certainly necessary additional resources to support additional data rates. Apple also raise the voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V on the iPhone.

Final clue lies in the battery label, which indicates the manufacture of batteries made in June 2012, relating to the launch in September. Previously Apple has been criticized by a weak battery in the iPhone, we expect it dealt with the release of new models.Rumors of iPhone 5 is expected to be inaugurated on September 12 before its launch on 21 September.