19,000 Applications ‘Storm’ BlackBerry 10 in 36 Hours

This month seems to be a milestone in the revival of the BlackBerry in the smartphone market. Yes, Research In Motion (RIM) at the end of January it will introduce its new BlackBerry 10 devices are in sieve-sieve into their best innovations ever. Tit for tat, many application developers around the world have also been prepared to present supporting smartphone applications.


As is known, the Canadian vendor has a target or goal that is 70 thousand applications that will be available for BlackBerry 10 when launched. Previously, RIM claims to have 15 thousand applications already submitted to the BlackBerry World in less than two days.

By the day of the launch of the BlackBerry 10, RIM seems to be very optimistic with the targets they set. Because, in the first 36 hours were 19 thousand applications from developers in various countries is submitted to BlackBerry 10.

With these achievements, it seems not impossible, BlackBerry 10 will actually have 70 thousand applications at the time of its release later. Is this a sign of the BlackBerry will gain back its former glory?