1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad Receives Major Update

1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad

At last, the flourish security app for iPhone and iPad, 1Password 4, gets a major update, improving almost every aspect of it. From cloud synchronization up to secure notes, we hardly see any features uncovered with tis update. All this being said, let’s get dig into it.

For starter, Syncing with Dropbox and iCloud has been brought up to the next level by adding a support for USB devices. A few changes can also be found on the Security Settings with the most apparent one being the new Display Settings. In this option, you can decide whether to show your password upon typing it or hide it completely by showing rich icons, instead. If you opt for the first one, you get even more selections regarding which font to use.

Vault Mode in the latest version of 1Password 4 has also undergone some advancement, especially dealing with its navigation. If on the older version you have to tap and hold every row shown in item detail view to trigger the pop-up menu, the new version only requires you to make an easy tap on it. If you double tap it, the view will be shifted to the root view.

Bugs which have been reported to frequently surface in Web Mode are confirmed to be fixed already. On top of that copying URL is also much easier too. The new 1Password 4 also allows you to keep on displaying the search bar for quick access. And if you often use your iPad in portrait mode, you’ll be glad that the search bar can still be refrained. Do you think the developer has missed something here?