4 Applications Back to Work on BlackBerry Simplify Your Work

Tasks that might make you so much trouble deciding which priorities should be resolved first. Do not be confused; just download some applications earning enough business to support your work. These applications are:

Phone Tracker BlackBerry ®

BlackBerry is out of business competition is very tight and this application will protect your confidential information when the phone is not in control. If you happen to lose, Phone Tracker will help locate the phone raises a popup message on the phone screen and then give a distance!

Amazingly this application can be used to track the truth girlfriend, catch cheating husband, keep your child, monitoring an employee or recovering your phone. “Phone Tracker” to make sure your phone is safe and traceable. Even the phone is in the distance, you will still have full control of the phone.

Download Phone Tracker at AppWorld

Fake Call BlackBerry

Fake Call is a unique app that allows you to schedule fake calls on your BlackBerry. If you’re stuck in a boring meeting and did not have a choice, or if you’re talking to friends who will only spend a limited working time, then this application is needed on the BlackBerry.

False calls can be scheduled in advance. Dial option is also available to pretend when you receive a call quickly. You can make fake calls from anyone you want, and the phone will start up with an active call screen identical to the original. Your favorite ringtone will play and when you answer, you’ll even get another voice to just set the options on the sound file. Easy right?

Download Fake Call on AppWorld

Opera Mini Browser for BlackBerry

You know how ‘slow’ the BlackBerry browser. Well, if you do not want to trouble when the boss asks to find information in the middle of a meeting, it is a web browser for mobile devices offering high speed will be at the request easily.

Yep, indeed Opera Mini uses Opera’s servers to compress unique so it can load web pages faster. You also save on data costs, because this application uses a tenth of the data of normal browsers.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo!-with Opera Mini, all your favorite sites load faster than you’ve ever seen on your phone.

Download Opera Mini Browser on AppWorld

Camera Mute App for BlackBerry

When the ‘pitching’ a major project with some competitors and you have the opportunity to gain important information are complicated and hard to remember, the camera on the BlackBerry can be used. But unfortunately you do not want them to know, you can use the application Mute Camera app will take a picture without the annoying sound of the shutter sound.

With Mute Camera, you can zoom in and to zoom out the image. You can also set the number of pictures to take from 1 to 20 in sequence. You can also set the interval capture each image.

Download Mute Camera at AppWorld