4 Investment Apps for the Beginner Investor

MainImage_investmentcalculatorThe biggest challenge that new investors face is their inability to reduce risk based on market data and analysis. They don’t have access to the tools, charts and historical data that seasoned investors use to automate their investment decisions and enter or exit trades at precisely the right time. This is where investment apps such as anyoption, eToro, OneTwoTrade and StockTwits can help you get started in a way that balances risk and returns, while also helping you learn trading strategies and techniques.

Take a look at these four investment apps that will help you invest like an expert trader.

anyoption – anyoption was an early pioneer of the binary option industry and you can now access their intuitive platform using the iOS app. This is a new and highly rated iOS binary options trading app. It allows real-time trading at any time, from any place. You get over 100 underlying assets available to trade, and receive free binary option trading signals.

You can trade binary options on forex, indices, stocks and commodities. You can use the app to follow market trends and hedge your positions. You can make free deposits and withdrawals using multiple deposit methods. There are no hidden commissions or charges, no spreads, no ads.anyoption is an easy to use and intuitive mobile platform which new traders will learn to use very quickly.

eToro – If you don’t want to risk real money before you learn, try eToro’s $10,000 demo account. You can obviously experiment with your own trading strategies and philosophy without losing real money. But the best feature of being on eToro is copytrading – the ability to review and copy other traders on the platform. With millions of users and famous investors already on eToro, you can simply follow leading market traders and make money using their trades.

Using the free eToro app, you can track your favorite investors and make sure you don’t miss a lucrative investment opportunity just because you’re outside or on the move. You can use the app to trade currencies, commodities and indices, managing both your manual as well as copy trading portfolio. You can view accurate rates and price charts.

OneTwoTrade – This is also a binary trading options app. It will help you get started quickly and make 80% on your trades right away.OneTwoTrade provides you access to more than 350 underlying assets spanning stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Traders have more opportunities to profit, and you can generate up to 85 percent returns on deposited funds.

StockTwits – Stocktwits is a filtered version of Twitter that gives you access to the latest stock market discussions, opinions and trends which you would otherwise find hard to collect. You can choose to follow specific people or stocks based on tickers. The app will keep you informed on the go, and you can make your decisions based on the latest and most accurate information.

Using the StockTwits app, you can share ideas with traders and investors in real time. You can view charts and videos, and you have instant access to the highly relevant market news and financial blog posts for tickers you are tracking.