4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Toll Free Number

A business phone number is a must. Even with so much business being conducted online, customers still want to speak to a live person from time to time. When it comes to business numbers, you have the option of choosing a local number or a toll-free one. Here are four reasons why you need a Toll free number for business.


It’s Easier to Remember

Local phone numbers are a random arrangement of numbers. With a toll-free number, you can create what is known as a vanity number (think 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-GoFedEx). This makes your number much easier for customers to remember.

Give Your Business More Credibility

Toll-free numbers aren’t just for big businesses, but many consumers tend to think they are. Having a 1-800 number can help to give the impression that you’re a well-established business. It can give you greater credibility and make you appear more professional. If your toll-free number is a vanity number, it can also help to reinforce your company’s image (and your brand) to your customers.

You Can Take It Anywhere

A toll-free number is portable, giving you much greater flexibility to run your business no matter where you are. The number can be forwarded to your cell, a landline, or a VoIP phone. Even if you’re not in your office or store, you can still take an important call.

Maybe your business is growing and you need to find a bigger location. If you have a local number, you’ll likely have to change it, which can confuse customers. There’s also a lot of work required to go through all of your marketing materials, your website, and all of your online listings to change it. A toll-free number, on the other hand, can go with you, allowing you to run your business as usual, even during your transition.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Even with the amount of business being conducted online, there are still customers who need to speak with a live person. Looking up your information only to find you don’t have a phone number can be incredibly frustrating for customers. They may even look for a different business. With a toll-free number, your customers will be able to reach you and get all of their questions answered right away, rather than having to wait for an email response.

Choosing a toll-free number does more than provide your customers with a way to contact you. It can help to boost your brand, make you appear more professional, and even increase your business.