6 Time Clocks That Will Revolutionize Your Business

es1000-atomicTime clocks are one of those workplace items that you don’t really think about until it stops ticking. This is a mistake! With the right time clock, you can automate your payroll system and reduce or even eliminate time theft. Here are just six of the best models on the market.

1. Acroprint Pendulum Hand Punch 1000 Biometric Time Clock System

Biometric time clocks are ones that do away with punch cards and employee codes. For example, the Acroprint works through fingerprints; employees place their right hand on the touchpad and the machine verifies their identity that way. Say goodbye to buddy punching!

2. Lathem FaceIN FR650 Time Clock

The Lathem FaceIN is a stunning piece of technology that recognizes employees on sight. Not only does it boast a 99.9 percent accuracy rate, but it’s also a quick, convenient and hygienic alternative to time clocks that require physical contact.

3. Icon Time Systems PIN Entry Automated Time Clock System

250 employees can store their information in the Icon system, so if you have a growing company that needs a time clock capable of expanding with your business, the Icon is it. You can even link other clocks into its system with TCP/IP communication. It’s a model that will last years if not decades.

4. Amano PIX3000x Electronic Employee Time Clock

If you’re a fan of traditional timekeeping, the Amano is a standard punch clock that also comes with a few extra features for the modern world. While you don’t have to worry about complicated technology, you can rest assured that it will auto-correct for daylight savings time.

5. TimeWolf Zephyr Payroll Time Clock

The TimeWolf is a pioneer of automated systems. In addition to recognizing and identifying employees, it will also record arrivals, departures, breaks, overtime and unscheduled appearances. You’ll be given detailed reports about employee movements that you can utilize in any way that you desire.

6. InfiniTime Juno Web Fingerprint Time Clock System

The InfiniTime can handle more than just break times. Employees also have the option of entering data like tips and department transfers, making the InfiniTime a useful and versatile tool for the entire workplace.

If your time clock has punched in its last employee, these six models are more than ready for the task of replacing it. Remember, the right time clock can completely change the way you do business. Click here to learn more and explore some of your options.