7 Tips How to Increase Battery Life iPhone 5

00 1.     Turn LTE Off: Recently I noticed my new iPhone 5 constantly searching for LTE connectivity, which is draining battery life. Other connectivity & signals are typically fine unless you are streaming video or searching web, which is where you will notice the most significant speed increase over 3G.


Avoid exceeding your carrier’s iPhone data plan & roaming charges while traveling abroad. Turn off cellular data & data roaming features while out of coverage areas over traveling out of the country. See our previous post on how to set up push email or how to turn off email push notification saving you unnecessary data usage & save iPhone 5 battery life.

How do I turn on/off LTE? Home Screen > Settings > General > Cellular > Toggle Enable LTE On/Off (Cellular Data On/Off, Data Roaming On/Off)

2.     Turn Wi-Fi Off: iPhone will search for Wi-Fi signal lowers battery life between charging in addition to LTE, and GPS. I recommend asking to join networks to be toggled on which will also save on battery life. Please note that turning off Wi-Fi may drastically increase your data usage as part of your carrier’s plan whereas Wi-Fi is typically free.

How do I turn on/off Wi-Fi? Go to iPhone home screen > Settings > Wi-Fi > Toggle On/Off

How Do I Turn On/Off ITunes Wi-Fi Sync? Home Screen > Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync (Please note this would have been set up through your Mac or PC set up in your ITunes iPhone sync & back-up settings)

3.     Turn off GPS: iPhone 5s GPS location service is a useful feature. However GPS is constantly searching for signal, which can drain your battery. However keep in mind that several features rely on GPS being on including where is my phone, turn by turn navigation, and social status location updates and more. Check out previous post on iPhone location services.

How do I to Turn Off GPS? Home Screen > Settings > General > Privacy > Location Services > On/Off

4.     Turn off Bluetooth: Extend your battery life by turning off Bluetooth. Many devices have the ability to sync to your iPhone’s Bluetooth wirelessly, which slowly drains your battery. Please note turning off may disable your ability to stream music or make & receive calls through external speakers in your automobile or home music system.

How do I turn on/off Bluetooth? Go to iPhone home screen > Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle On/Off

5.     Dim the Display: Dimming your display seems like a no brainer but iPhone defaults to auto-brightness, which is maximum screen brightness. Your phone’s Retina display is incredibly clear & looks great but adjusting the brightness down makes a difference on extending iPhone 5 battery life. After a day or so you won’t even realize the slightly dimmer display.

How Do I Dim Screen Display? Go to iPhone home screen > Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Slide to Adjust Brightness (You may also toggle on/off auto-brightness setting to conserve iPhone power)

6.     Turn on Auto-Lock Screen Display: Turning off your screen from staying on when not in use will add battery life. Your iPhone will automatically dim after a few minutes saving battery life without changing your settings. However setting your phone’s Auto-Lock feature after a minute or two will shut off your screen placing in sleep mode. You can also tap the power button on the top of your phone, which will turn off your screen’s display.

How do I set Auto-Lock? Home screen settings > General > Set Auto-Lock 1 minute

7.     Back up Battery Charger: Your new iPhone 5 comes with a standard USB wall charger & one lightning adapter. I recommend buying at least one additional USB charger & Lightning adapter for the car or office. Many iPhone accessory manufacturers even make iPhone cases with back up battery built in. These battery back-up cases are quite bulky but if you’re running out of juice frequently & want 100% full functionality it may be a viable option.