81 Percent of Web Traffic Comes from Apple iPad Tablet

iPad is really far surpass Android tablet usage. In a recent study conducted by JD Power and Associates shows the dominance of iPad in the market. They reveal that Apple’s iPad has the highest rating in customer satisfaction for the tablet category.



Do not be surprised if Apple had recently launched a campaign titled ‘Why You’ll Love the iPad’. And the study also revealed that the iPad dominates tablet usage in the Internet world. Imagine, 81 percent of Internet traffic originating from tablet is the iPad users.

Apple also said it was a real action against consumers will love the iPad. “And because people love the iPad, they use it again and again,” said Apple.

In addition, there are currently 95 percent of companies on the list of Fortune 500 companies use the best version of the iPad. Not only that, 65 percent of schools in the United States also undertakes similar steps.