Advanced Sensors In BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 may no longer be present in our lives. RIM BlackBerry 10 major hopes to increase the Canadian company was re survive as the previous year.

BlackBerry 10 will be very different from the previous BlackBerry phones. Starting from the shape, the hardware, to software is much better than the current BlackBerry phones. There are so many latest features embedded in one BlackBerry 10 smart predictive keyboard. In addition to the features of BBM 7 Voice will be the killer feature. The user experience will be very different on BlackBerry 10.

From a number of sophisticated features and capabilities, the BlackBerry 10 has a range of sensors to support performance. These sensors are available on the BlackBerry 10:

  •      GPS antennas
  •      Light sensor
  •      dual microphones
  •      Proximity sensor
  •      Magneometer
  •      gyroscope
  •      3D Accelerometer
  •      Compass
  •      dual Cameras
  •      Thermometer